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Developer: GET RESQ LTD.

ResQ is a maintenance marketplace platform for restaurants. In just a few taps, restaurant owners can seamlessly make service requests and be matched with our exclusive network of qualified, certified service providers. We find you the consistent workload you’re looking for. You decide when you are available for work and when you are busy with a click of a button. It’s that easy.

Through our app service providers can view all their open service requests and update restaurant manager in real time. You can easily fill out invoices and track earnings. We provide you with historical data with key data points such as earnings, parts used, and hours worked among others, of all previous orders you have worked on. In addition, you will know how you stand as compared to your peers; Are you charging more or less? Are you attending to more or less service requests? etc. You will also be provided with great feedback on your work from restaurant managers who can make special requests to ask strictly for you as their exclusive service provider for whichever issues you attend to.

We offer our clients services such as equipment repair, anywhere from food and beverage equipment, hot units, refrigeration to HVAC and many more. We also send our qualified technicians for electrical and lighting repairs, plumbing, cleaning and general repair. In addition, we provide recurring services such as waste management and preventative maintenance.

How it works?
1. You mark yourself as ‘Active’ (or ‘Offline’) in order to be open to accept (or not) new service requests.
2. New service requests are sent to you.
3. Once work is completed you fill out the invoice on the App and attend your next request.

ResQ is your solution to smooth and seamless operation without all the hassle of the administrative management. We take away the annoying parts of your work and allow you to focus on the important parts – being the best service technician you can be!